A Bullet – How One Spark Got It’s Start

11 Feb

I know from personal experience this organization does great things!
Several years ago,on a Saturday morning, I had to visit the public library in Wichita, KS to do some research. As I walked to the entrance I noticed some people wearing T-shirts that said “Free Hugs”. I was somewhat taken aback by this, but it’s hard to refuse a nine-year old’s offer of a hug.
They said they belonged to a group called “One Spark” and invited me to the park across the street where they were serving lunch to anyone at no cost (well almost). I was intrigued by their offer and decided to do so.
When I arrived at the park I saw a huge crowd of people there, mostly homeless or “street” types but also just your everyday kind of folks. All were very friendly and seemed to be truly enjoying themselves, especially the servers. I got in the serving line and when my turn came a man introduced himself as David and said the meal was completely free with the exception that everyone was charged at least one hug and then proceeded to give me a huge bear hug. Later I learned his name is David Hill.
After having a paper plate of delicious barbecued beef and various side dishes handed to me, I looked around at the several tables for a place to sit and noticed something. They were not segregated in any way. Everyone sat with everyone. In other words the “respectable” or more well off people sat right along side “street people” or less well off. And everyone was enjoying the company of the others.
As I ate I learned there were boxes of used clothing, basic hygiene items, shoes, etc. free for the taking to anyone in need. I was told that this happened every Saturday rain or shine and to be sure and “come back again sometime!” I did!
I no longer live in Wichita, I’ve moved to another state, but every now and then I think about my time with them and the people they help. It always makes me smile.
One Spark isn’t a religious organisation or anything like that. They just believe that one act of kindness or “Spark” can affect another person in ways we may not even realise. In trying to practice this I have seen that this is so.
Try “Sparking” someone in need or maybe just a stranger who looks like they’re having a rough day and see how it makes you feel. I promise that even if it doesn’t make their day it will certainly make yours!
You may contact One Spark at and also through Facebook.

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One response to “A Bullet – How One Spark Got It’s Start

  1. Tom

    February 23, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Great post, they have also inspired folks in other parts of the country to do likewise!


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