“Dear Martha”

An “alt-right” demonstrator gets the Ken Burns treatment.

(I did not produce this video.)


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Election coverage 2016

"Trump Trump Trump Clinton Trump Trump ..."

“Trump Trump Trump Clinton Trump Trump …”

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How different countries spend tax money

Which countries are best at spending their resources wisely?


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The 1% of the Civil War era?

What do you think of this Tweet? Please take my poll.



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Map of Corporate Farming Density in the U.S

It’s no accident that factory farms have spread across the country. Weak environmental rules and bad farm policy have allowed factory farms to take over livestock production. These corporations are major beneficiaries of U.S. government subsidies (corporate welfare). Even if you don’t live near one, there are things you can do to help get rid of factory farms.
Check out to see what YOU can do about it!


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The World’s 6 Most Extreme Wi-Fi Hotspots

The World’s 6 Most Extreme Wi-Fi Hotspots #infographic

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Wanna join the NSA?

An actual Tweet from the NSA. Apparently they have a scholarship program.


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